Thursday, June 7, 2012

occupy bilderberg 2012

right before we left marc had a weird convo with his grandpa that shaped the whole trip, he thinks we're being watched from ties to the kennedys. That ties right in. the bilderberg group are becoming more mainstream knowledge. every four years they meet in the US. charlie has covered it for 3 years.Some protesters there were back a second time, longer than i'd known about the bilderberg group. . Tim Geitner was there, jon huntsman was there, Shannon helped drive at night and in the rain. we got there friday evening, it  was great seeing so many awake and aware people in one place. we knew one cop lee was an aj fan. we gave all of them funny nicknames.   it poured down rain friday but we got more soaked walking to comfort inn. saturday even more people came and it was scorching hot. the oath keepers gave out water. we yelled so loud kissinger gave us  the bird.  one girl turned  around a blockade and squirted the cops.  i saw  chris dorsey from facebook to flesh and met hardcore harry and Mark Dice . marc and i took a lunch break and everyone there was a protester too. the guy working gave us props.  that night we slept at a rest stop and were the first ones there sunday with charlie skelton. we taqlked with him. shannon flipped off kissinger as he drove off in his tinted windows.

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